The thing about being a grownup is…

sometimes in the midst of a bloody awful week, life gives you a really nice moment or two.

I drank coffee outside today. I sat under a tree and soaked up the sun and just spent 15min. taking in the view.

And, despite the shortness of that interlude, it was enough. It was enough to renew me and help me face the day.

And that’s a pretty amazing testimony to the level of resilience you gain in this game of growing up. I can only guess that as time goes on and we have babies and more moves and career changes and struggles, that that resilience will grow with us. But right now it’s enough to know that after a completely suck-tastic week, 15min in the sunshine was enough to rejuvenate my soul. It’s nice to know that despite being laid off four months before my wedding and despite the uncertainty of my future aspirations, and even despite the fact that I am having surgery* next Friday, I will keep moving. I have wanted nothing more than to curl up under the blankets all week and cry, but I didn’t. And that’s not to say that it won’t ever happen. But I weathered this week and I am proud of me for that.


*Carpal tunnel release surgery on the right hand. The left to follow in a few weeks. Annoying and unpleasant, but necessary. I’m hoping this will allow me to sleep through the night again without waking up with swollen, sleeping hands. It’s been years, so I’m excited to see what that feels like.