Things I am good at:

1. Writing. Who knew? But I’ve had this particular fact pointed out several times recently and it’s starting to sink in to some degree. It’s nothing I’ve worked at or earned, but it’s something I dig and so it doesn’t suck that someone thinks I’m okay at it.

2. Music. I’m inconsistent, but when I’m in my element I think I have some potential.

3. Academics. It’s been quite a lark putting my brain to work for the past few weeks. And while I may not get into Yale, I think I stand a decent chance of getting into a top tier, at least on the strength of my pre-tests. I have work to do before I’ll feel like it’s good enough, but apparently a couple years out of college hasn’t put my brain on permanent hiatus.

The point of this list? I have options. The problem with this list? It doesn’t tell me what’s behind Door #3. I have no freaking idea what choice is the right choice and I have zero interest in making the wrong one.


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