“And life is never easy as we as children read in the books, where fairy dust could just fly you so far away…”

This week has been full of learning things.

Here’s what I’ve learned about being an adult:

1. A lesson in practicality : If you buy smaller quantities of better things, you probably won’t spend much more money, but you’ll get much greater value. (This is also shameless self-enabling to rationalize future trips to L’Occitane)

2. A lesson in relationships: Things can sometimes become toxic- people, places, and all variety of nouns can be included. Sometimes you develop allergies to your favorite foods. Sometimes your favorite boots decide to give you blisters. And sometimes people you count on disappoint you. Thing is, it’s not so much that these things happen, as how you deal with them. You could keep eating the food in hopes that some day it’ll stop giving you hives, but that’s an awful big risk to take.

3. A lesson in personal philosophy: Sometimes you can borrow that feeling of infinity. I live in constant deficit and borrow every chance I get. I turn on Spotify and lose myself for a minute in some other person’s song and I can feel just a little closer to infinite. But it’s kind of a disappointing way to live, because inevitably the song ends and the feeling dissipates with it. I think the hard thing to do is to choose to sing your own song. (Apply this logic how you will, music is the best way it makes sense to me.)

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